(That could just be a Toronto thing, because at the Montreal preview, the hot style was the Boyfit


d. langBefore: The Alberta chanteuse’s first band The Reclines was discount bridesmaid dresses started as a Patsy Cline tribute, but they were playing their own stuff on A Truly Western Experience, a showcase for lang’s off-kilter charisma.After: After accepting this award in a wedding dress, she won eight more Junos, four Grammys and a strong claim to being one of the coolest people Canada ever produced.“That’s the pot calling the kettle black,” Councillor Ford replies. “You’ve pulled their hands out of the cookie jar, and when you do that, folks, they’re coming looking for you.”Watoto has also been working to help rehabilitate child soldiers captured and trained by the Lord’s Resistance Army, said Mr. Mukasa, who still has four of five sisters in Uganda as well as his mother.

They also help babies orphaned by their mothers, many of whom die from complications during childbirth.All the same, Lepage’s vision, as realized by his theatrical lieutenant Fran?ois Racine, clarifies the essence of this timeless if stereotypical story about the female urge to understand and male reluctance to be understood. Relyea applied a dark-chocolate tone to the title role.

If the Russian mezzo-soprano Ekaterina Gubanova was sometimes covered by the orchestra in the early going, she seemed genuinely tragic at the end.It was hardly a JFK moment, but if, like me, you remember what you were doing when you first heard a Spice Girls track, it may be hard to believe two decades have elapsed since the girl group released their debut single, Wannabe, in the dying days of John Major’s premiership. Together with Oasis, Blur and Blair, they heralded a new dawn for Britain — selling millions of records while they were at it — before embarking on what turned out to be a lengthy hiatus just four years later. There short bridesmaid dresses was a brief reunion in 2007-08, but the question now is: how, if at all, will they mark their 20th anniversary this summer?Why all the Slim Crops? Because they are utterly and completely the embodiment of Audrey Hepburn in that beatnik Paris Funny Face scene, that’s why (the very one that Gap co-opted a few years ago, in commercials).

Only with stretch! And room in the seat for your bootay! Gamine with ballerina flats, killer with high heels. Only the model hired to pose prettily at the top of the escalators wore a slouchy, full-length hip-slung trouser from the collection (on her, it is the perfect Boyfit). Of the ten fashion writers and market editors I chatted with in and around the fitting room, all ten chose the Slim Cropped style and were planning on cuff-rolling them even shorter, to wear with chunky high heels. (That could just be a Toronto thing, because at the Montreal preview, the hot style was the Boyfit. And as I left, one lucky hipless gal was still deliberating between the Perfect Trouser and Boyfit cuts.)Next, on to the pants. This year’s crop are inspired by the makers of Jolly Rancher candies. Expect quirky, chipper colours that imply that you are part of a touring production of an educational road show that teaches the alphabet. But the worst part is that pants manufacturers now make do with half their former yardage allowances. The pants of 2012 are, by law, skin-tight. Skin-tight and blindingly bright. The good news is that the six-tooth zipper has been replaced by the eight-tooth zipper, so it appears that Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty has worked.Asked what parents could say to their children to boost confidence, Ms Swinson, tea length bridesmaid dresses who is married to Duncan Hames, a fellow British Lib Dem MP, said: “I know as an aunt, you fall into the trap of turning to your niece and saying, ’you look beautiful’ – because of course all children do look beautiful – but if the message they get is that is what’s important and that is what gets praise, then that’s not necessarily the most positive message you want them to hear.”Mr. Wilson is not a woman hater, but it’s a label he wears, and that must be a reason behind his sudden Lululemon resignation, although neither Mr. Wilson nor the company have said so. Just as likely, he is now so extraordinarily wealthy, and so distracted by activities outside yoga wear, and so sick and tired of being pilloried, that he no longer cares to remain on the company’s board.Look back just a month ago, to the ludicrous overreactions at remarks Mr. Wilson made during an appearance on Street Smart, a Bloomberg TV business program.This weekend the Canadian rowing team is in Lucerne, Switzerland, for the Samsung World Cup and what amounts to a dress rehearsal for the Olympics. There will be at least four medal contenders on the Canadian team in London: the men’s and women’s eights, the women’s lightweight double and the men’s pair. Four years ago in Beijing, the rowers brought home four medals, including gold for Spracklen’s heavyweight men’s eights.An Associated Press cameraman who went into the rubble Thursday morning with rescue workers spoke briefly to Atlab, the man who pleaded to be saved. But the team was unable to free Atlab, who was trapped next to two corpses.

(That could just be a Toronto thing, because at the Montreal preview, the hot style was the Boyfit

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