Towards a PUBG group in Korea

Korea's biggest league organizer, OnGameNet, will release the first league on PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds in 2018.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is definitely the big winner of the fierce struggle with its competitors. As the H1Z1 circuit is actually discrete in the media, PUBG is about hitting the nail along with OnGameNet.

Battle with regard to Korea

Better known as OGN, the Korean TV channel is one of the major organizers associated with competitions in Korea. Present on the niche from StarCraft: Brood War, she additionally supervises the LCK on League associated with Legends or the APEX on Overwatch.

According to dailyesports. com, OGN has signed a with the publisher Glowing blue Hole and will release its PUBG group early 2018. The best challenge for a competition on this Cheap H1z1 skins game, is to be able to play the 100 participants simultaneously! To meet this constraint, OGN is currently preparing a new broadcast studio.

As of today, only Gamescom has been the scene of a major PUBG tournament. The next 1 will take place on November 18th and 19th in Oakland, for your Intel Extreme Masters.

Stove esport

With this particular league PUBG, OGN is once again the precursor. Overwatch, APEX remains the research tournament before the release of the OW League. Doubt about PUBG entering the competitive world is no lengthier allowed. However , with its 20 million copies sold and a document peak of more than 2 500 000 simultaneous players, its achievement is not guaranteed: the game remains difficult to view when it is necessary to follow a hundred players armed with stoves or more lethal weapons to look for trouble.

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