PUBG: what is the best weapon to hit a target underwater?

Since the last update of the battlefield test server, the bullet has entered the water.
Now more advanced ballistic missiles and missile penetration systems can prevent players from hiding underwater.
Finally, almost.

The official update log explains that the penetration of the projectile in water depends on the speed of this time.
Logic, PLAYERUNKNOWNS BATTLEGROUNDS Items,but contrary to what one might think, large weapons don't necessarily cross the water.

As shown in the good video, weapon projectile has the lowest speed and is often the most effective underwater target.
An assault rifle, such as M16A4 or M416, will only touch the actual edges of people who are on the edge of the area, and the pistols (low-speed projectiles, so) are more interesting to choose from.
This is the most likely crossbow.

The explanation of this phenomenon is that the velocity of the charge decreases significantly in contact with the liquid, depending on the density of the latter, the Angle from the shot, the surface of the projectile and the initial velocity of the projectile.
For example , the use of ammunition against kevlar is almost useless.
The ball will lose almost all of its pace in 90 to 100 centimeters, and the goal in deep water should be safe.
Some balls may even burst completely when exposed to water.

The data collected in video were interesting: they showed that when the game occurred near the bridge, Pubg items,some of the slower weapons (pistols, grape-shot guns, crossbows...
A solution or water that can be considered as a team.

NiP performed a classic B rush having GlocksAbutment frames to arise the Floor Transmission Jack to accomplish a simple

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