All CS ESL masters final details

This weekend, all veteran striker fans will be placed in the CS: GO ESL experts final. They will play in Madrid, and they will be the six best teams that have proved to be the best in the whole season.

Movistar's drivers, kpis, giant games, G2 vodafone, x6x and Gbots can find out who is the best Spanish team today, as well as go with great joy to eat the nougat. The first two categories, the driver and the key performance indicator, are used to the ESL competition, and go straight to the final. Buy Cheap CSGO Skins.The other four will compete in the group stage to match the GSL format.

It will be the first day of Saturday, December 2 . Movistar Riders and also kpis are not broadcast at any time. It will start with a race between giants and gBots(10: 30) and will continue with G2 vodafone - x6on (11: 45). It's the greatest single map (BO1).

Once the first two games are over, the loser is going to be out at about 1: 00 PM and then win at around 4: 15 PM. All games from this moment will probably be played on BO3.

The end of the day is a decisive step in the group stage, and if there is no delay, it will be held around 7: 30 p. m. Always on the The spanish language peninsula.

On Sunday, December 3, it will likely be the day of the new CS: GO professionals. First out of the semifinals, it's clear that the rider and kpis will be. Also from the beginning of the first meeting at 10: 30. The second semifinal are going to be held at 1 . 45 p. mirielle., and the final semi-final will be held in 5 p. meters. The best three maps will also be shown.

CS: the GO ESL masters will be awarded the prize pool of 22, 000 euros and will be named the best lineup of Valve archer. Buy All CSGO Skins.But this is not the only valuable thing that the champion has. Whoever wins also wins a valuable local championship, hoping to perform for Spain within the strain-gate professional league: GO, perhaps the most important league in the world.

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