To prevent the wood floor "dehydration" coup

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With the arrival of winter, but also to worry about how the maintenance of wood flooring season. Winter maintenance method is actually very simple, as long as pay attention to moderate replenishment,inexpensive wooden floor can easily cope with the wooden floor of the winter crisis. First, remember that appropriate for the wood floor, "replenishment", the winter climate is relatively dry, relatively low air humidity, so wood flooring wood fibers because of the loss of water caused by contraction.
Therefore, the indoor air humidity should be maintained at 50% -70 & between, so as to prevent the wooden floor because of "dehydration" caused by the junction crack and other issues. If the room can not always maintain the humidity, it can be wiped with a wet cloth within a week, about three times or so can be. Make sure the rag is not too wet. Humidifiers can also be used where necessary. In this way, these methods can achieve the effect of moisturizing,WPC board Market prospects but also to create a warm and beautiful home life.
Second, regular cleaning to maintain hygiene. One winter, many people do not bother to clean, it can be considered a normal psychological. Wood flooring sometimes because there is no regular cleaning, maintenance, etc., if the wood floor for a long time in the fouling of the state, it is easy to form stubborn stains. Therefore, it should be regularly on the wooden floor maintenance, waxing or maintenance with essential oils to achieve dust, the role of color,Durable good sales Wood Flooring it can also extend the life of wood flooring. Cold winter, the maintenance of wood flooring work should begin to move up, for most consumers, to prevent the wood floor, "dehydration" approach is actually quite simple, as long as the steps from the daily small details of the beginning, will be able to maintain Good home floor.
The so-called solid wood flooring renovation is the long-term use of solid wood flooring after a decline in gloss and other issues, it appears to be a waste of replacement and trouble, so by re-painting, waxing and other acts to restore solid wood flooring aesthetic approach. Solid wood flooring renovation of the low cost,Durable outdoor flooring operability, and affordable, is the old solid wood flooring and other issues the best solution by a lot of solid wood flooring family trust and support, while solid wood flooring renovation is now a very advocate of a Kind of environmental transformation.

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