Stainless steel mirror panel

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Stainless steel mirror plate, the surface of the mirror like stainless steel, stainless steel surface treatment process is a model. In addition to the surface like a mirror as bright, you can also do a variety of surface processes: such as plating, etching and other combination process.Composition Of Stainless Steel 316

It is reported that the austenitic stainless steel mirror panel by low-temperature surface oxidation coloring after staining in the industrial atmosphere exposure for 6 years in a marine atmosphere exposed for 1 year and a half, soaked in boiling water for 28 days, or heated to about 300 ℃ , And its color gloss were not changed.stainless steel sheet 304 price 2b finish

In the arts and crafts sector, the color stainless steel mirror panel and printing combined, can be used etching and grinding and mesh method with the process, to produce three-dimensional relief fresco never fresco, hanging screen. In addition, the use of color stainless steel manufacturing household appliances, cooking utensils, kitchen equipment, bathroom appliances, by the consumer favorite.Perforated stainless steel sheet metal

The products can be widely used in star hotels, large-scale shopping malls, clubs, bars, KTV, clothing display cabinets, interior decoration, hardware, home appliances, home appliances, Bathroom cabinet door panels, ceilings, walkways, advertising signs, museums and other high demand place collection.seamless tube manufacturers

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