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Currently in the Hangzhou market, Wing Hua, Fu profit and other floor brands have many varieties of retro floor sales. Reporter Jia good good market in the Wing Fung floor store to see, retro style and variety of the floor are very rich. decking material reviews
Vintage floor imported rare wood species of natural traces need to hand-made price is more than twice the price of solid wood flooring
Retro wood flooring imported from abroad generally use wood, and only those clear grain, good wear resistance, suitable for deep processing and has its own texture of the wood in order to become a retro floor of the raw materials. prefab wood pickets for sale
From the surface, retro wood flooring seems to have experienced a lot of time left after the traces, such as inadvertently bump bumps and worms and other traces of these seemingly natural trails are all made of late processing. Therefore, the fine wood flooring is not wonderful retro, not only in the wood material itself, but also because the production process is superb manufacturers, because the requirements of the deliberate way to create natural effects on the operator's manual skills require a higher.prices of laminate flooring

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