Wenger believes that the team still has room

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Wenger believes that the team still has room for improvement: "we must continue our efforts, such as defense, running the ball and attack movement. Our passing was not perfect fifa 17 coins. The most beautiful thing in life is to see a group of people with their own energy to create extraordinary. We want to keep this energy, not just me, all the players are going to continue to work hard."

Arsenal 3-0 after defeating Wenger, Chelsea believes the victory can inspire players to continue to fight. Wenger said: "we played a high level of football, today I am the happiest one. This scene is the reason we love football, this victory makes us eager to win more games."

"Our strong performance is related to our beliefs, and if you doubt yourself, there will be some hesitation in the field. With the Southampton game I felt fifa 17 ios coins this hesitation. But with the hull, Nottingham forest and Chelsea in the race, we change this point."

Talking about Walcott, Wenger said: "he is full of determination, both ends to complete their task, very dangerous. I like his performance. He's a very special, very smart player. I said at the beginning of the season, this season we will see a different Walcott fifa 17 xbox 360 coins." If you liked reading this article then go to

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