The Functions of Cosplay Costume Prop

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1. Explain the background of the story. The cosplay costume prop is the actual consitions to describe the images of the characters, such as the time, place, season, climate as well as environment. And the cosplay costume props are the clues to understand the characters, no matter the characters are in working environment, family environment or entertainment environment.
2. Push the plot to develop. Although some of the cosplay costume props have small size, it has important functions to drive the development of the plot. And it is closely related to the development of the plot or the fate of the characters.
3. Apply colors to the atmosphere. The proper use of the cosplay costume prop is able to play a good background effect. For example, the Yubaba in Spirited Away has a magnificent house with exquisite door and china with red paint, plus dark light forming a sense of fear.
4. Depict the characters. The cosplay costume prop and the characters have close connection. The existence of the cosplay costume prop has the function of strengthen the character and physical features, showing the status, hobbies and temperament of the characters, which sets off the character powerfully and increases the infection of the characters. For example, two grandmas in Spirited Away are twins with nearly the same appearance. However, they have totally different status. The bad grandma wearing best cosplay costumes lives in gorgeous house with many expensive and luxurious details. On the country, the good grandma lives in a rustic and remote village spinning every day. Another example id the hero in Conan. Kudou Shinichi has a schoolroom with two floors. And all of them are full with novels. Therefore, we can see from that although he is a high school student, he is a totally mystery. In conclusion, the design of the cosplay costume prop should base on the whole requirement of the anime cosplay plot, the times the characters in, status of the characters as well as the personal hobby of the characters. If break away from above elements, it is possible to lead to the misunderstanding and thought disorder for audience.

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