Why We Use Seamless Steel Pipes?

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Hot-rolled seamless steel pipes are in automatic rolling on production unit. Through inspection we can clear the surface defects of the solid billet. Then we need to cut them into the required length and center on the perforation end face of the tube billet. We need to send it to a heating furnace and punch it on the punch. In perforated revolve and progress at the same time, under the action of roll and head, the tube billet's internal cavity will form gradually. Next we need to send it to automatically continue rolling mill. Finally approved by reeling mill all the whole wall thickness, the pipes can meet the specification requirements. Hot rolled seamless steel tube production by continuous rolling pipe unit is a more advanced method.

If you want to get a smaller size and better quality seamless steel pipe, you must adopt the method of cold rolling, cold drawing or both combined. Cold rolling is usually conducted on two-high rolling mill. The steel pipe in variable cross section is made from motionless conical head of rolling in the annular groove. The welded steel pipe and black steel pipe are also available. Extrusion to the heating tube billet in airtight extrusion cylinder will make the pipe integrated. This method can produce smaller diameter of steel pipe. The use of seamless steel pipes has a wide range. General-purpose seamless steel pipes made of ordinary carbon structural steel and low alloy steel or alloy structural steel rolling have the most production. The pipes are mainly used for conveying fluid pipe or structural components.

It can be divided into three categories according to utility supply: A, according to the chemical composition and mechanical properties of supply; B, according to the mechanical properties of supply; C, according to the supply water pressure test. According to a, b supply steel pipes, such as used for liquid under pressure, also must carry on the hydraulic pressure test. According to the classification there is a circular tube shape and special-shaped tube. Besides there is also oval tube, round tube, triangular tubes, hexagonal tubes, plum flower form, etc. And according to the different materials, the steel pipes can be divided into ordinary carbon structural tube, low alloy tube structure, high quality carbon structural tube, the structure of the alloy tube, stainless pipe, etc. Besides, according to the special use points, there are some other types such as boiler pipe, geological and oil pipeline. Finally, the internal and external surfaces of the steel pipes cannot have cracks, folding or defects. These defects shall be completely removed.

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RE: Why We Use Seamless Steel Pipes?

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RE: Why We Use Seamless Steel Pipes?

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RE: Why We Use Seamless Steel Pipes?

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RE: Why We Use Seamless Steel Pipes?

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RE: Why We Use Seamless Steel Pipes?

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