Perfect eyelash brush only need three steps

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by david • 658 Posts | 6580 Points

A lack of angry long eyelashes, blink of an eye can feel resistance exists, can put more than 3 root match...Don't, this is beautiful eyelash that look like?

Clip out natural radian, press release, from the eyelash root to the tip, three points to clamp, this clip from the side will not look like a good eyelash to hook as rigid.ilash eyelash is a popular eyelash conditioning serums, which condition, strengthen and lengthen your lashes.It contains effective active ingredients to boost the hairs natural active phase triggering extended growth.If you want to buy more ilash product and select librow nz website.

Brush mascara, put a mirror on eyelash below, from the middle to brush, apply to the inner eye, the state of brush a head to be vertical to the eyes, so as not to touch the dirty around the eyes.

Their stick on false eyelash, will not be a recognizable as false eyelash is single type, with a small clips a tweezers, and dip in a small amount of special glue in the root, stick to the skin near eyelash root after 3 seconds.

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