Carepeost does need an RX it's the same thing

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Ebay doesn't allow the sale of medication/medical devices that require a prescription. But there is no person that looks at every listing to determine if it is violating ebay policy.
From info. I can find online, it seems careprost doesn't require a prescription; it is sold on amazon as well.careprost eyelash serum Method With a Brush,The most ideal approach to accomplish normally more, more full and darker eyelashes with get careprost is to utilize a cosmetics brush.It likewise makes the procedure altogether simpler and is a more hygienic alternative than utilizing your fingertips, and since we are discussing your valuable eyes, this technique is additionally exceptionally prescribed.

the intelligence of buying such a product and using it without first consulting an eye doctor and primary care physician is questionable, but so is the use of claritin-d for an extended period of time.

Carepeost does need an RX it's the same thing as latisse as far as ingredients go. Like you said either people aren't looking at policy and requirements before posting on ebay or aMaxon or they just don't care if they are reported.

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