Exquisite facial features, simple makeup

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Wiping elegant, sometimes the embodiment of feminine is not a sense of change, but gestures more generous and generous. I heard that the Eastern European beauty are particularly elegant, exquisite facial features, simple makeup, are exudes a feminine, we also hurry to learn it!

STEP1 will be high light painted in the middle of the two eyebrows

STEP2 from the bottom of the eye along the bridge of the nose in the direction of the picture to draw wavy

STEP3 and then the high light on the position of the upper lip, so that the outline of the lips more prominent,the balm makeup boasts a full line of color cosmetics with a message centered around women empowerment.Known for its high quality, multi-purpose products with retro-inspred packaging, the brand has achieved cult status amongst beauty gurus and cosmetic junkies alike,want to buy balm product from website.

STEP4 with brown pearl eye shadow large area sweep the eye socket

STEP5 with a light brown eye shadow brush under the eyelid mucosa

STEP6 with lip gloss will be painted on the lips lip lip, so lips more full

STEP7 with a paper towel to remove the excess oil on the lips, matte texture more mature taste

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