Straight hair advantage

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"Boudoir Qiao baby" straight hair
Hair features: flick in the brow above the bangs, slightly neat, but just right to reveal the girl's innocent innocence
With naive. Down to the ears of the short hair, moving between the more drape charm, outline the cheek and neck of the soft curve. Beating in the hair between the purple, green, pink, from deep to shallow, in the light of the chase, flash dazzling glory. Box wave wave cut

Hair characteristics: from the side, the hair is firmly divided into three levels, although the bangs are deliberately thickened, passing the familiar 60s of last century, the retro atmosphere, hanging in the ears below the second level, always keep Extraordinary moist and drape texture, and the third level in the long hair, then there is a kind of flowing like free and easy, the whole hair exquisite changeable.

Multi-level short hair styling
Hair characteristics: big slant hair line, forehead hair was deliberately forward to emphasize, in the other side of the bangs, there is a carefully cut along the ears of the ultra-short hair, and the top of the full level of matching Interesting. Because it was also ingenuity unique dyed light purple, thin hair in the long hair abnormal fall down, so as to show the texture of the charming straight hair charm. In short, the focus of this season is straight hair in a hair styling, while achieving short hair and long hair from different sides of the interpretation of the straight hair of the rich connotation.

Song Qian this Korean long hair, different from the curly hair and straight hair dignified, look down is a texture, hair tail gently volume, without losing the humble temperament.simply straight?ceramic wrapped bristles lift hair at the root to deliver gentle heat around every strand, without flattening or frying your hair, for straight, healthy, shiny hair that’s easier to style and loaded with volume.simply straight hair straightener is a mix between wavy and manageable, to kinky and thick.

The tail of the natural volume of the production of straight hair hair dynamic immediately promoted, just to the interests of the curvature of the face to accompany the more Jiaoqiao, bright hair color straight hair will not give people the image of stereotypes! With a White suit quite OL appearance.

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