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Watch 'Department' if you have been missing fashion kids clothing your headaches for a long time. Watch 'Department' to see the way in which brilliant actors can be wrung dry and left skill less. And above all, watch 'Department' if you are an ardent Ram Gopal Varma fan. And then leave the theatre cursing yourself for watching this brilliantly crafted piece of well, by now you know what.
He told officers his children, one boy and one girl, were living in filthy conditions at the home and that their mother was intoxicated.When officers arrived, they contacted the mother, whom they described as "obviously intoxicated." She also had a large bruise on her left eyebrow, and said it came from being assaulted by Wannamaker earlier that day, according to the Kelso police report.The two had been fighting over $40 when Wannamaker punched the woman in the face, she told police.
"She was on hand for everything I did, which included cheerleading and 10 years of dance classes," said her daughter, Jannine Nuzzo of North Haven. "She was always on hand to cheer me on, always helped me get ready and would do my hair. She also was a good listener and I could go to her with anything and she would give me great advice."
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The house had this festive atmosphere. There'd be stuff made specially for diwali like chaklis and chivdas and mithai. New clothes was something we looked forward to with great anticipation we already knew what we were going to buy each diwali. We'd try out so many new things to make the house look festive we'd light real diyas and they'd keep going off so it was one persons duty to keep them burning. Then we'd take these small glasses and float the diyas in water in them so that they burnt for longer and we had this thing called floating diyas. As kids our eyes were always on the flame.
VIDA: He really said it. Someone else told me recently that if he had really been serious, he would've said 150 percent, but he was giving himself some leeway, (laughter), by saying a hundred percent. But that's you know, I'm really influenced by films when I'm writing, and I you know, I really love the film, "The Passenger" by Antonioni, and I was thinking that this would be a pivotal moment in the novel where she would take someone else's identity, much like Jack Nicholson's character in "The Passenger" takes on someone else's identity. And that's how the fictional adventure in "The Diver's Clothes Lie Empty" begins.
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