ZJB Roots Vacuum Pump

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Product Details


Air cooled root vacuum pump is based on commom centrifugal pumps, with the addition of bypass gas cooling system. The external coler make the gas auto recycling to cool down the rotor and casing, and the cooled gas flows into suction cavity from casing two sides, this will avoid overheating of the casing caused by gas compression and make reliable, enduring operation in high differential pressure and high compression ratio, with no influence on centrifugal pumps manufacturer performance.Air cooled roots pump or its unit are widely used in vacuum process of melting, drying, impregnating, distillation, degassing, etc. and also in aviation simulating, gas transporting, vacuumizing condenser in power plant and other vacuum process.


1,the gas can be discharged into air directly and with no waste water,2,The roots unit with a backing centrifugal pumps supplier in series connection is quite energy saving.

3,Compared with common rots centrifugal pump, ZJQ series air cooled roots pump can work in high differential pressure; properly reduce backing pump is relatively energy saving.4,Wide application rnage and possibility to work under higher inlet pressure: the discharge port of ZJQ series pumps withstand more pressure, this greatly prevent overloading and overheating due to excessive differential pressure and low vacuum degree of backing centrifugal pumps manufacturers

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