Chanel show the show out of the focus of most of the makeup is to emphasize

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The hair is divided into two parts from the middle, while hanging in the shoulder, while the disk into a high bun. After the black lipstick, in the side of the bun on the face of a mole, Yohji Yamamoto show this field is too suitable for Halloween party modeling concave it!

Recently, Chanel 2014 Cruise early spring vacation series in Singapore Loewen Cluster grand staged. Faded luxury of the show, this season show scene more elegant and refined. Black and white, nude color is the main theme of this season, the scene of dim light is also a dense atmosphere of retro fresher. Inspired by the entire series from the South Asian aristocratic boys and girls in the popular cricket.
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In terms of makeup, the use of exaggerated black eyeliner to outline the retro cat eye makeup, in order to fit the neo-classical Southeast Asia feelings, the use of the next eye makeup under the blue eye shadow is to break the traditional form of cat eye makeup. Messy side of the long bangs, as the whole shape a bit more light and casual atmosphere.

All along, Chanel show the show out of the focus of most of the makeup is to emphasize the visual sense of eye makeup, compared to the other two 2013 show makeup style, you can clearly feel the 2014 early spring vacation series of eye makeup to the more Concise, less a number of exaggerated and luxury.

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RE: Chanel show the show out of the focus of most of the makeup is to emphasize

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