Refrigeration compressor repair and maintenance methods

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Refrigeration compressor repair and maintenance methods
Refrigeration compressors are the heart and heart of refrigeration systems.
The ability and characteristics of the compressor to be introduced determine the
capabilities and characteristics of the refrigeration system. Therefore, the refrigeration industry
all over the world has invested a lot of energy in the research of refrigeration compressors,
new research directions and mini industrial peanut butter machine factory sell
research results continue to emerge, the compressor technology and performance
level with each passing day. So how to maintain the refrigeration compressor in daily use?
, Often check the motor with or without debris or even conductive objects, the coil has been damaged, the stator,
the rotor has friction, or the motor will burn the motor after starting; Note constant temperature and humidity
chamber compressor and its equipment and environment Hygienic Periodically sweep the ash on the compressor condenser
as too much dust builds can cause overpressure or uncooled failure of the equipment. Observe whether the oil level
in the body sump and the lubricant in the lubricator are below Tick ​​should be promptly added if the line is low
(oil foot shall be stopped for inspection), carefully check the action sound of the cylinder and the moving parts
at all levels of the constant temperature and humidity chamber According to "listen" to identify whether its work is normal,
if Found unusual sound immediately shut down to check; the use of lubricants to precipitation filter. Winter and summer
compressor oil to be used differently. 2017 peanut butter machine production equipment
, If the water-cooled compressor can not immediately access to water after the
water is cut off to avoid uneven cylinder of hot and cold cylinder cracks occur after parking in winter to let off the
cooling water to avoid cracks and other air-cooled cylinder air compression as long as the indoor temperature is not
suddenly cold Heat can be the best factory proposal is let go in the standard laboratory with air
conditioning temperature can be constant at a suitable temperature.

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