How to use a fully automatic frying machine for potato chips

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How to use a fully automatic frying machine for potato chips
Potato chips have always been young people's favorite daily snacks, has great market potential,
whether KFC or street snacks have out of stock of the scene. If you know this situation then
why not consider entering this line? A fully automatic frying machine can become a manufacturer
plus packaging machine bags can supply all major supermarkets, grocers. So how is the production
of potato chips?semi auto peanut butter machine cans filling machineteach you to use automatic frying machine Crispy potato chips:
A: The paste gelatinization Potato (potato) mud as a semi-finished product by adding corn flour
and mix thoroughly into a wet dough into the prepared steamer gelatinization temperature of 58 ℃ -65 ℃ for about 20 minutes.
Two: seasoning rubbing stick to be steamed dough will have been weighed after weighing MSG pepper
paprika onion powder or fresh dough were poured into the dough to make different tastes of wet
blankets and then further into a diameter of 2 cm ~ 4 cm face column seasoning operations can also be carried out after the oil frying.
Three: cooling the face column packed in plastic bags sealed into the refrigerator freezer
cooling cooling conditions of 4 ℃ -6 ℃ for 5 hours -11 hours The specific processing time should be based on the dough size and cooling rate may be.
Four: slice drying The fully aging of100mm stone diameter peanut butter machine making machine
the face column cut into 1.5 mm -2.0 mm thick sheet
into the dryer at 45 ℃ -50 ℃ temperature for 4 hours -5 hours to make the moisture content of the dry billets to 4% -9 % Range.
Five: the use of frying machine for frying palm oil fried at 180 ℃ -190 ℃ temperature until the appearance of golden full pan.

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