Vacuum freeze before the freezing process

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Vacuum freeze before the freezing process on the decisive role of the product are as follows:
First, the role of frozen dehydration, shortening the frying time
Fruit and vegetable cells in the water is bound and free state existence. During the freezing process,
when the temperature is lowered to the freezing point, those that bind to the hydrophilic colloid are weaker,
and mainly the water in the interstitial space first forms ice crystals. Following the increase in the
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the ice crystals and by the osmotic pressure created by the intracellular
juice and the squeezing of the ice crystals by the ice crystals, the water in the cells continuously diffuses
to the outside of the cells and accumulates in the ice crystals around. In the meantime, when the water vapor
pressure of the intracellular juice is greater than the vapor pressure of the ice crystal, it continuously
diffuses to the outside of the cell and surrounds the ice crystal. Through the above series of effects, in fact,
fresh fruits and vegetables have taken off part of the water, while indirectly reducing the frying time, reducing the oil content of the finished product.
Second, the role of frozen stereotypes, improve the product puffing effect
Products of these water in the role of freezing, the cells moved to the cell gap from the outside of fruit
and vegetable chips gradually frozen inward,best price peanut butter machine maker machine
in the form of ice crystals in the cell gap. This form of fruit
and vegetable chips dehydration is very favorable. When vacuum fried, the impact of cell tissue will be greatly reduced,
which ensures the balance of fruit and vegetable crisp form. Ice at the evaporation of water left after the void will
naturally form a porous state, to ensure crisp crisp fruit and vegetable chips.

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